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The biggest issue: I’m ready to move forward, and he’s not. So, on behalf of female confusion across the world, I sat down with Paul Maxwell, a twentysomething single guy, to get some male insight into this whole “readiness” problem.

And it’s natural and normal to think we can ruin things by, like, suggesting they spend two nights a week with us! So you might as well ask for what you want and see how that goes. ” approach (I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries about koalas).

If it feels like he is drifting away, make it clear by where you invest your time that the possibility of losing you is very real—because it should be very real.

Men tend to be easily lulled into laziness or else prompted by a call to action.

In terms of the actual talk, casual is key, and for this reason, I’ve found it helpful to use my friends as conversation fodder.

For instance, “What do you think of Alex and Piper moving in together after four minutes?

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Me: Say a man I am dating is not ready in the first way, meaning that he needs time to move at his own pace. Paul: There are a lot of things a woman can do to help a man who is not quite ready, but she will never be able to snap her fingers and declare “Be ready! I’m not saying she should ignore him or give him the kind of cold-shoulder action that “needing space” can sometimes imply.

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